Animation Throwdown Guide: How Much Does the Research Accelerator Actually Help?

The Research Accelerator in Animation Throwdown can make getting new combos a lot less of a pain, but is it worth the money you'll be spending?

If you're a fan of shows like Family Guy and Futurama, then Animation Throwdown is a mobile card game with a fun premise that pits characters from five popular animated shows against each other.

One of the core elements of the game involves "researching" new combos, which allow you to combine your cards in many different ways. The downside to research is that it takes a while. Depending on the rarities of the cards used in research (ranging between Normal, Rare, Epic, and Legendary), you won't be able to check out your new combo for a number of hours.

There is a way to shorten this process, however, with the Research Accelerator. This item can be found in the shop for a hefty $20 (although sometimes you'll catch it on sale for only $10). As the name suggests, this item reduces the wait time for researching a new combo. And it's a one-time purchase, so once you have it you gain its benefits forever.

But is the Research Accelerator Worth It?

How much does this item actually speed things up? Enough to justify the amount of money you'll drop for it. Well, the answer to hat depends on the rarities of the cards you're trying to research. Assuming both cards used will match in rarity, the time difference with the Research Accelerator breaks down like this:

  • Common Cards
    • Normal Time: 2 hours
    • Accelerated Time: 15 minutes
  • Rare Cards
    • Normal Time: 6 hours
    • Accelerated Time: 2 hours
  • Epic Cards
    • Normal Time: 24 hours
    • Accelerated Time: 6 hours
  • Legendary Cards
    • Normal Time: 48 hours
    • Accelerated Time: 24 hours

For combos of two differing rarities, use the times of the rarity between them. If there isn't an in-between rarity, refer to the time for higher of the two rarities you're combining. In other words, mixing Legendary and Rare uses Epic times, while mixing Common and Rare uses Rare times.

As you can see, the Research Accelerator's use can vary from card type to card type. With this in mind, and with its large price tag, I would only recommend buying it if you're absolutely certain that this is a game you're going to invest a lot of time in. Otherwise, I would stay away.

That wraps up this guide! Hopefully it helps you make a decision as to whether or not the Research Accelerator is right for you. Be sure to check out the rest of our Animation Throwdown guides for even more tips to help you with this cartoon-battling game!


Published Jul. 5th 2017

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