[RUMOR] Sony Patents VR Headset

Sony is rumored to be in the progress of making a virtual reality helmet. Based off the patents that have shown up, this seems to be a bit more than a rumor.

A recent development reveals that there are two Sony patents for a virtual reality headset made for the PlayStation 4. This could prove to be a rival for the Oculus Rift, which could give them a run for their money. These patents were dug up by NeoGaf user 'gofreak' earlier today, with much speculation that could prove to be more than a rumor.

Audio System and Head Mounted Display Patents

The audio system of the VR headset patent discusses ways of "alerting a gamer to a real-world emergency, such as the sound of an alarm or crying baby, or an object moving quickly towards your head." The head mounted display (HMD), focuses on motion detection and image stabilization. The HMD patent was filed back in May 2013, along with another, although they've only been published now.

According to Gamefront, they have a section of the patent describing in-depth to what we can expect from the Sony VR Headset if it were to become a reality.

The head-mounted display has an optical unit for each of the left and right eyes and used in combination with a headphone to allow control of senses of vision and hearing. If it is so configured that the vision of the external world is completely blocked when it is mounted on the head, the feeling of virtual reality in viewing images increases.

It's very understandable that Sony is pushing towards VR, since the current 3D push from Nintendo gives them a higher level to compete at. The Sony headset will supposedly be set for public reveal in 2014, and will revolutionize the PS4. I'll surely be keeping my eyes and ears open for anymore talk about this headset.

What do you think about this rumored headset? Comment below with opinions.

Published Nov. 8th 2013

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