Gamer Gift Guide 2016: Gifts for the Aspiring Streamer

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XSplit Broadcaster
  • Price: $39.95 for a 12-month Personal License
  • Rating: 3/5
  • Buy it on: XSplit

I debated putting a paid streaming software in this guide. There are plenty of free offerings that a beginning streamer can get ahold of. But, if you're looking to take your stream to the next level, XSplit Broadcaster is the program for you.

The program itself is free and offers a robust suite of easy-to-use tools to get your stream up and running. With the paid subscription, though, you are given even more tools to make your stream top notch. Some of the features included in your premium personal license are the ability to stream your games in full HD at 60 FPS, in-game overlays that provide you with a live subscriber counter and live chat feed, and even more video editing tools to make your stream stand out among all the others.

If you're looking to get serious with your streaming, this program feels like a no-brainer.

That wraps up this list of good gifts for aspiring streamers. If you're a streamer already, what else would be good for beginners looking to get into the game? Let me know in the comments!

Published Nov. 20th 2016

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