Are You Ready for the Next Deus Ex Game?

Are you ready for another Deus Ex game? Hopefully this will be a next-gen launch title!

Eidos Montreal, developer of Deus Ex: Human Revolution, recently made a tease via their Twitter account concerning a possible new Deus Ex game.

They later tweeted another question, "Who is Ben Saxon?" with a Deus Ex hashtag. Ben Saxon is a "former member of the United Kingdom's Special Air Service, retired from the military and working for Belltower Associates Incorporated, a private military contractor corporation," according to the Deus Ex wiki.

Although it is still unknown exactly what "The Fall" is, the title was actually mentioned already earlier this year when the developer filed for a trademark for the unannounced game. There has also been several domains uncovered that have been registered by Square Enix revolving around the same name. 

Hopefully we'll see more information come out next week at this year's E3.

Published Jun. 4th 2013

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