Top "flex" pick gods in SMITE

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A big part of ranked play in SMITE is the picks and bans phase. It's something like a chess match between both teams, as they ban and counter pick the enemy's gods. Many times, the game is decided before any actual fighting by the picks and ban phase.  

A great way to throw off the other team is to pick a "flex" god and make the other team try and decide where the god will be played. These are Gods that can play different roles, therefore giving your opponent less information on how to counter you. Flex gods are infinitely useful. Here's a look at the 5 best ones right now.


The All-Father is as good of a flex pick as you can have. He is not only one of the strongest gods in season 3 of SMITE he can also play multiple roles. Odin is a great counter pick to Vamana in the solo lane, but can play support and jungle with the best of the gods.

Even with an incoming nerf to his ultimate, he still brings a general annoyance to the team with that ability. He can fit into the support role and play a few levels under the rest of his team with how much control his Ring of Spears brings. His jungle play is strong, with him being able to blink and trap people and generally provide decent poke early game.


If you are looking for a god that has more end game carry potential and can play multiple roles, then the Keeper of Time is for you. Chronos is a great "flex" pick in the sense that wherever he goes, he will get a decent amount of farm to get him to end game.

He can play in the mid lane, ADC, or the solo lane, and is a ticking time bomb when team fights start. His solo lane is usually dependent on his matchup, while with mid and ADC he can play most matchups. Once the match hits the 25-minute mark, Chronos will begin to shred through the enemy team.


The Goddess of the Sun doesn't really have a home in 3 roles, but the 2 roles she plays, she plays extremely well. Sol can be taken into the mid lane or the ADC role and shine with her poke damage as well as escape ganks with Disapparate. Her Stellar Burst provides great clear and burst damage, as well as a slow. Take Sol as a "flex" pick and make the other team worry about who will be trying to deal with her in a lane.


Neith is a bit different, as many of the hunters can play mid or solo lane. I picked Neith over the rest for the global presence of her ultimate. We saw Epsilon use her in the SMITE World Championships in the mid lane, and set up kills all over the map.

Her traditional role in ADC is a safe pick, with a very nice clear and back flip for escape. She can play the solo lane with her clear, but her best secondary role comes in the mid lane. With the World Weaver able to travel to whatever lane needs a gank, she can help control the battle without actually being there.

Neith is a great pick where the enemy team almost exclusively thinks you are taking her ADC. You can then throw them off by bringing her mid or solo and really do some damage to a squishy mage. But remember that solo lane is risky against certain gods, such as Bellona.


Is there anything Bellona can't do? She's been face of SMITE since her release and is one of the strongest gods in the game. The Goddess of War is most comfortable in the solo lane, but she can be destructive in the jungle and even venture over to support. She shuts down auto-attack based gods with her Scourge, and her ultimate is just deadly coming out of the jungle.

Hi-Rez loves their Bellona, and it shows with how well she fits into most team comps. Just take a look at her one-shot on the fire giant in the trailer above. Pick Bellona early and take her into the support role and laugh at how fast you shut down the enemy duo lane.


Published Apr. 7th 2016


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