Colorado Clutch Overwatch eSports Team Is The Best Upcoming Team But Why?

Inside the Colorado Clutch - Coming with a new project.

Colorado Clutch is one of the most promising, and fastest rising professional Overwatch teams. They have created a huge buzz in the Overwatch eSporting arena on global scale. A team of seven – Wolfgang “wgb” Braun, Luis “Lui” Olivares, Connor “hamsword” McCulloch, Cody “HotForShots” Jefferys, Calvin “Calvin” Chau, Craig “Lumberjack” Harrison, and Cody “Korra” Dasse, Colorado Clutch has proved its mettle against quite a number of professionals in the field. They are very quickly becoming one of my favourite teams in professional Overwatch, and here's why.


Even though they are not too old in terms of seniority, Colorado Clutch has made its mark through the spectacular gameplay of each member of the team. Working together Colorado Clutch were also able to draw first blood on Cloud9, one of the major professional teams in this gaming world, at the Agents Rising Overwatch Tournament.

Fast, ruthless and efficient, that’s what has been the reason behind success of Team Colorado Clutch. Working as a team where every member has his own specialty and skills, they have achieved a high level of gaming expertise. Team game is not just about being able to play the best individually, it is also about coordination, being able to understand the moves of the teammates and supporting the teammates to achieve greater success. Being part of a team means using one’s own abilities to help others overcome their deficiencies too. Colorado Clutch has been a team in the truest sense, which is well reflected in the achievements of the team in the professional gaming genre.

Colorado Clutch has been up against the top teams in Overwatch, such as GaleForce and Cloud9, every week and has recorded some of the most breathtaking victories in the Overwatch gaming world. The rapidly increasing fan base is proof of the success and extraordinary gameplay that Team Colorado Clutch exhibits.

The Team, Colorado Clutch, is undergoing rigorous training sessions and being coached by expert gamer Julian Oprandi. The entire team is also undergoing eSport psychology training under Dan Himmelstein. Together with the effort of the team's members and that of the coaches of the team, Colorado Clutch has achieved enviable milestones within a very short period.

They already have a major fan base, which is quite evident from the of response and feedback they have been receiving since the launch of the self branded YouTube channel, which features videos of the team’s gameplay. If the views and responses are anything to go by, Team Colorado Clutch is en route to becoming the favorite in Overwatch eSporting world. I sure love them, and am looking forward to their future success.


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Published Aug. 11th 2017

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