Journey Art Director Launches New Studio

Ex-thatgamecompany art director Matt Nava launched a new studio with the help of composer Austin Wintory and thatgamecompany lead designer Nicholas Clark; may or may not have paid the Iron Price for that logo.

An ex-thatgamecompany art director has moved on from the acclaimed Journey, Flower,and Flow studio, and launched a new gaming venture in conjunction with L.A.  film company The Ink FactoryMatt Nava announced the new studio on Twitter.

GiantSquid also boasts the talents of thatgamestudio's lead designer Nicholas Clark, and Grammy-nominated Journey composer Austin Wintory

The studio is already in the throes of creating its first project, promising:

...innovative and deeply moving games that will inspire players, challenge convention, and push the boundaries of experiential and narrative interactive entertainment into new and unexpected areas.

They're also looking for talented people to join their team, if you happen to be in the Santa Monica area.

That logo kind of looks like something from Game of Thrones (WE. DO. NOT. SOW.). A little bit, anyway. Maybe its that they're both squids. All squids look the same to me. Is that racist ... erm... squid-ist?

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Published Mar. 5th 2013

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