God of War III is the Only God of War Title Coming to PlayStation 4

God of War III is being remastered for PS4, but don't look for the first two titles to get the same treatment.

If the news that God of War III is being remastered for the PlayStation 4 got you hyped to see the first two games of the series on the current gen console, don't hold your breath - Sony has already told fans it's not going to happen.

In a response on the PlayStation blog to a fan query about remastering the first two God of War titles, Sony Santa Monica's Aaron Kaufman said there were "no plans for others in the franchise to bring over."

He went on to explain that remastering a popular PS3 title like God of War III helps introduce more players to the title - particularly those new PS4 owners who didn't own the last-gen console. Remasters, he argued, help everyone. "People often forget, the more players we can bring into a franchise, the better for everyone. At Santa Monica Studio, we'd like as many PlayStation fans to experience our games as possible, from generation to generation."

If you're clamoring for a new and unique offering from Sony Santa Monica, don't lose hope - Kaufman says that they "hear you loud and clear." They've even brought back God of War II director Cory Barlog for an as-yet-unannounced new title, so expect big things from Sony to come.

How do you feel about remastered titles? If you've played the original, would you play it again? Let us know in the comments!


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Published Apr. 2nd 2015

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