More Hints of a New Legacy of Kain In the Works

After many years of quiet, we have entries in Steam's notes about Nosgoth, the world of the Legacy of Kain games.

The Legacy of Kain series of games were great experiences.  They definitely had their flaws and much of the writing was predictable, but the personality embodied in the characters of Kain and Raziel was what really made the games playable, and both had personality in spades.

It was only a few months ago we got our first hint of something possibly being in the works for the series.  Square Enix registered as a domain name.  The excitement was fairly short-lived, as there were no follow-up announcements or reasons to get excited, but it was a hopeful hint.

Now we have more evidence, as Steam's patch logs for a certain AMD driver include the words "Nosgoth" and "War for Nosgoth".  While neither is a guaranteed sign of an upcoming game, the coincidence would be remarkable.  Nosgoth is a fairly specific word, not common to fantasy video games outside of the series, and the coincidence of "War for Nosgoth" appearing again seems too much to not herald something coming.

Keep your fingers crossed.

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Published May. 28th 2013
  • MirandaCB
    I love this series. I'd be so stoked to see an addition to it.

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