PUBG Developers Confirm Halloween Themed Costumes

PUBG's first-holiday event kicks off with plenty of costumes for you to wear to scare your foes to death!

We covered how the PUBG developers were hinting at the arrival of Halloween costumes with little other details. Our patience has paid off with the entry of this new series of outfits dubbed 'Survival Squad of Heroes', all centered around this spooky time of the year!

The confirmation comes from a community post made on Steam by Valor. The post outlines how you can purchase any of these iconic costumes from the PUBG store as individual items, or from a crate at a reduced cost. The post lists how that the Maniacal Butcher costume can be yours for 10,000 BP.

If buying these costumes from the store is not for you, you have the opportunity to one win one them by following the official PUBG Twitter account and participating in an upcoming screenshot contest.

Here's the price break down for each item, and their respective crates:

Killer Clown:

  • Killer Clown Wig -- $2.50
  • Killer Clown Mask -- $4.99
  • Killer Clown Suit -- $7.50
  • Killer Clown Pants -- $4.99
  • Killer Clown Shoes -- $3.00
  • Killer Clown Crate -- $17.99

Ancient Mummy Set:

  • Ancient Mummy Mask -- $2.50
  • Ancient Mummy Top -- $9.99
  • Ancient Mummy Leggings -- $4.99
  • Ancient Mummy Footwraps -- $2.50
  • Ancient Mummy Crate -- $15.99

Bloody Nurse:

  • Bloody Nurse Cap -- $2.50
  • Bloody Nurse Mask -- $2.50
  • Bloody Nurse Uniform -- $19.99
  • Bloody Nurse Crate -- $20.99

Maniacal Butcher:

  • Maniacal Butcher's Mask -- 5,000 BP
  • Maniacal Butcher's Apron -- 3,000 BP
  • Maniacal Butcher's Pants -- 2,000 BP
  • Maniacal Butcher's Shoes -- 2,000 BP
  • Maniacal Butcher's Crate -- 10,000 BP

This special Halloween event ends in 27 days, giving you plenty of time to earn up some BP to acquire the Maniacal Butcher or to save up for one of the other costumes! 

What do you think of PUBG's first holiday-themed event? Let us know in the comments below.

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Published Oct. 25th 2018

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