OUYA Hires Tadhg Kelly, Free-To-Play Specialist

Tadhg Kelly, of Jawfish, moves on to work with preeminent microconsole developer OUYA.

OUYA has been going through some big changes lately. Target is now committing to carrying the micro-console on a national scale, and with that OUYA is moving towards a national marketing campaign. So too, it seems, things are transitioning for Tadhg Kelly, ex-Jawfish creative director who has moved on to work with OUYA. 

Kelly announced this update on his What Games Are blog. 

So, another transition. But this time, a good one. I'm off to work for OUYA.

Jawfish, Kelly's former employer, has recently decided to make the move away from developing multiplayer mobile games, a decision that didn't seem right to Kelly. As a result, he has decided to move on into the realm of microconsoles. 

I needed a change, and my mind kept coming around to working on the platform side again...I particularly wanted to do that on a platform that was trying to find interesting, weird, radical and downright wacky games. 

Tadhg Kellys' position on the OUYA team will be working with developers to help bring their games to the platform, as well as content acquisition, and an "in-house advisor for those who'd like to make free-to-play work in their games but aren't sure how." 

OUYA will be launching in France, Italy, Germany, Spain, and the Middle East later this month, and will hopefully benefit from the extra international market as well as Tadhg Kellys' expertise. 

Published Oct. 24th 2013

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