6 Great 'The Walking Dead' Cosplays That Will Have You Shambling Back For More

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The comic series written by Robert Kirkman, which was initially released in 2003, took the World by storm when Frank Darabont developed the series into a TV show. The Walking Dead has become a bit of a phenomenon, garnering loyal fans all over the Globe and has even brought about its own spin-off Fear the Walking Dead. Of recent years, the digital storytellers over at Telltale Games have released another spin-off in the form of episodic video games.

Being such a fan favorite, it didn't take fans long to start cosplaying as their favorite characters at events like SDCC or Walker Stalker con (a The Walking Dead convention organized by fans for fans and takes place in several locations across the World yearly).

As the new season of The Walking Dead is being aired on October 23rd and the new episodes making their way out from Telltale in November, we thought we'd find some great TWD cosplayers.

Published Oct. 19th 2016

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