6 Great 'The Walking Dead' Cosplays That Will Have You Shambling Back For More

Glenn and Maggie

Ahhh... young love in the face of a zombie apocalypse. Glenn Rhee, played by Steven Yuen, and Maggie Green's, played by Lauren Cohan, romance in The Walking Dead has come a long way since they met on The Green's farm and has totally seen its fair share of ups and downs (quite often downs) but they are still together. Well, in the TV show they at least.

This fantastic cosplay is of both of them and was found on Reddit. While I was reading through the comments on it, I found a post from Redditor truecolormix explaining that this was her and her real-life boyfriend and that they have been cosplaying as Glenn and Maggie for a number of years now. We can totally see why though because the resemble is uncanny!

Image and Reddit discussion can be found here

Published Oct. 19th 2016

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