Top 8 things we hope Hideo Kojima does in 2016

7. He gets involved in a Hollywood movie, but only as a side-project

“In interviews I like to say that just as humans are 70% made of water, I’m made of 70% movies,” Kojima once said. “I’ve loved cinema ever since I was a kid. Movies are a way for me to explore other people’s experiences.”

Yes, Kojima’s a big fan of Hollywood, and if recent rumors are to believe, Hollywood is a pretty big fan of him. There’s every chance that we may see some form of his work hit the big screen in 2016, but hopefully it’ll only be a brief side-project, leaving him to concentrate on more important stuff during the rest of the year.

So what kind of movie should Kojima throw his weight behind? Hollywood horror maestro John Carpenter revealed in a recent interview that the production company behind his eighties classic Escape from New York - Canal Plus - wanted to sue Kojima because of the similarities between the Metal Gear Solid games and Carpenter’s movie (turned out he was “too nice” to sue). Maybe The Thing director should team up with the Metal Gear Solid creator for a motion feature about a bad-ass mercenary who goes after a shape-shifting alien, and Kurt Russell needs to be in it, naturally.

Supposedly, an actual Metal Gear Solid movie is in the very early stages of production, but Konami doubtlessly holds some rights to it and won’t let Kojima near the thing.

Published Dec. 11th 2015

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