Top 8 things we hope Hideo Kojima does in 2016

5. He launches the Hideo Kojima line of hentai dolls with squeezable boobies

We all know that Kojima was euphoric with the fact that the figurine of MGSV’s Quiet was designed using a soft material that allowed elements of the toy to be “pushed and lifted, lol.” This basically meant it had squishy boobs for lonely dudes to bury their sad faces into.

Nevertheless, Kojima obviously knows his kinky dolls, and it’s been reported that he has a penchant for all things hentai. So perhaps he can combine the two and produce his own line of filthy hentai dolls, all of them featuring soft bits for those men who have lost their way in life to fondle.

The range could include ‘Quiet loses what few clothes she had on’, ‘Metal Gear (rock) Solid’ and ‘Tentacle love machine.’

Published Dec. 11th 2015

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