Top 8 things we hope Hideo Kojima does in 2016

4. He writes a tell-all book about what really happened

While the precise nature of what caused the split between Konami and Kojima isn’t known, two factors are thought to have played a big role: money, and Konami's dickish behavior toward employees.

A report in the summer alleged that Konami was far from happy about Metal Gear Solid 5’s $80 million budget and the delays that were costing the company more cash. One of their biggest objections revolved around a mobile game called Dragon Collection. It was created using less than $1 million and made Konami loads of money, so why should the studio fork out more than 80 times Dragon Collection’s budget on MGSV when it wasn’t going to bring in 80 times the profit? Remember, the only thing that big companies care about is the bottom line, screw everything else.

The second reason given for the separation is Konami’s asshole-like treatment of its employees, something that’s pretty common practice with a lot of huge corporations (*cough* Amazon *cough*). Apparently, Konami thanked its workers for making them such a big name in the industry by giving them randomized email addresses as the only means of communicating with the outside world, time cards for when they went on breaks, and publicly ‘outing’ anyone who exceeded break times.

Konami also penalized staff for ‘liking’ former colleagues' Facebook pages, and, worst of all, removed any staff it “deemed useless” from their regular jobs. These unfortunate employees were made to work on assembly lines at the company’s pachinko factories, given security guard duties, or forced to clean the company’s fitness clubs. No wonder Kojima was pissed!

We want the truth, Hideo, and don’t tell us that we can’t handle the truth... we can!

Published Dec. 11th 2015

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