Top 8 things we hope Hideo Kojima does in 2016

3. He launches a Kickstarter to fund a horror game called ‘Quiet Mountains’

Finding out that the ninth installment of the Silent Hill franchise was to be directed by Hideo Kojima - in collaboration with Guillermo del Torro and featuring Norman Reedus - was like discovering you’d won the lottery. The interactive teaser, P.T., was brilliant - so imagine what the full game was going to be like.

Later finding out that the game had been canceled, however, was like discovering you’d put the aforementioned winning lottery ticket in the washing machine and destroyed your one chance of becoming a millionaire.

Obviously, Konami will never let Kojima touch the license, and the company even said that Silent Hills wouldn’t be continued, but the Silent Hill franchise would carry on. My suggestion? Kojima starts a Kickstarter for a terrifying horror game called Quiet Mountains and gets Del Torro and Reedus on board. 

The plot would involve a man traveling to the mysterious Canadian town of Quiet Mountain to find out what’s been haunting his dreams. Upon arrival, he finds the whole place is shrouded in a constant, thick snowfall, and he must ultimately face the manifestation of his fears - the diabolical Hexagon Head. It also features a lady in skimpy clothes with a similar name to the town who breathes by absorbing snow through her nipples.

It may bear several resemblances to Silent Hill(s), but not so many that Konami can sue, probably.

Published Dec. 11th 2015

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