Top 8 things we hope Hideo Kojima does in 2016

2. He joins another studio – or starts his own

Once Kojima officially escapes from Konami, how much of a slap in the face would it be to his former employers if he joins one of its competitors in a blaze of publicity? Especially if his new company states what an honor it is to have the great man working for it.  

Hopefully, it would be someone who matches Konami in terms of size and income, and joining a local rival would be even better. Step forward, Capcom. Imagine Kojima working on the next Resident Evil game!

Alternatively, he could speak to a load of investors and set up his own studio, giving him complete creative freedom to do what he wants. But whatever path he chooses, everyone hopes Kojima stays in the gaming industry. It may seem like a foregone conclusion that he will, but after what he’s experienced this year, few would blame him for taking early retirement. But should he join another company or start his own, we hope it leads to the final point...

Published Dec. 11th 2015

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