6 Madden 19 Money Plays That Will Guarantee A First Down

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Money Play #6: The Off Tackle Run

Usually, it's easier to recommend passing plays as Madden 19 money plays, but given the new one-cut speed boost mechanic, running plays have become much more potent against any defense.

Now, of course, if your opponent is stacking the box with eight or more defenders, you'll want to audible to a passing play unless you're really confident in your stick skills. Otherwise, run the play as usual and be sure to do a quick hat count and run the play to the side of the line that has the least amount of defenders.

If you let the blocking develop and break through the line, you'll have a tidy little 3 or 4 yard gain right there. That said, if you take advantage of the one-cut mechanic and turn on the jets as you cut back across the field, you'll have a chance to break something huge after putting the defense on their heels.

Did we miss your go-to play? Let us know in the comments! Either way, we'll see you on the gridiron. Make sure to check out our full list of Madden 19 guides while you're here! 

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Source: Goal Line Blitz

Published Aug. 17th 2018

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