Madcatz TE 2 Arcadestick Revealed For Xbox One

Brand new fully customizable Madcatz TE 3 Arcadestick, allows users to mod with ease.

Previously announced at E3, Madcatz revealed the Tournament Edition 3 arcadestick. This arcadestick is slightly bigger than the original TE model and a little smaller than the Versus stick, the reason being that there are more components integrated with the latest model. Interior GoodiesLED lighting is a new feature for the Madcatz TE 3. There are LED lights placed on the inner portion of the arcadestick's face and on the two sides of the stick. Along with LED lights there is also an addittional latch button added to the front of the stick which allows for easy access of the stick's interior components. No longer being constrained by the use of hex-renches, Madcatz's Mark Julio (aka MarkMan) already claims that it will be the most customizable stick ever.Removing and replacing artwork is now easier on the TE 3 than any arcadestick available as of now. Buttons no longer have to be removed in order to swap out the art for the face of the arcadestick; simply removing a scewable ball top on the stick allows owners to swap stick art designs with minimal effort.


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Published Jul. 1st 2013

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