Valve's Aperture virtual reality demo becomes public on YouTube

A spotlight through ValveTime gives insight to the virtual reality Aperture game that has been hidden behind doors for almost a year.

After months of secret demoing a virtual reality Portal game hidden from the world, ValveTime has done a spotlight on the Aperture demo that we hope will be as breathtakingly awesome as Portal and Portal 2. You might recognize a few friends.

Not a great quality but still awesome

Unfortunately, the VR demo was filmed by a third party and the quality isn't as good as we'd like, but at least the gaming community can see what a virtual reality Portal world would look like. From the spotlight demo, it seems as though you play a character with mechanical hands and tinker around the world. Within a few drawers include blueprints for our friend Atlas from Portal 2, a piece of rotten cake, and what looks like a little world.

Further along in the gameplay you start taking Atlas apart seeking to repair him, and can view the electronic bits that incorporate him. After that fiasco in the demo, GLaDOS comes by for a quick show and an insult; she's certainly "still alive." Finally, the chamber dismantled and reassembled by cranes, with a short nod to everyone's favorite Companion Cube.

It's hard to say how good the gameplay for this VR Portal demo would be. When it comes to virtual reality games, you really have to be there experiencing it first-hand to really become engulfed in the world. I truly hope that it becomes a popular entry, otherwise we most likely won't see any other Portal additions. 

Would you play a virtual reality Aperture game? 

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Published Jul. 21st 2015
  • Larry Johnson
    I'm working up my pitch to my wife about why I need a VR system. Hopefully the content will have caught up by the time I get my pitch polished. The video was really cool, and makes me want to work on said pitch this afternoon.
  • GameSkinny Staff
    Things that would make me get a VR headset: this.

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