And Then There Were Four: Alliance Tournament XI Day Five in Pictures (Part Two)

Penetrating deep into the tournament, the commentary team pull out all the stops to show us exploding spaceships of outrageous value.

The first half of the day saw some of the best matches and the most expensive losses in tournament history, with thousands of dollars-worth of internet spaceships gone forever.

Numbers further whittled, the remaining few teams now begin to enter into the Best of Three section of the tournament, with further mind-games and skullduggery adding to the pressure-pot environment. THE R0NIN and Exodus. continue their face-off, with Exodus. carrying a one-match advantage. Tournament favourites HYDRA RELOADED and three-times champions Pandemic Legion also duke it out for the right to avoid running the gauntlet of the losers bracket.

Meanwhile the remaining teams, noses now bloodied, scrap for survival in the hellish pit of ghosts and demons which is the losers bracket. Winners of each match shown in bold in the title. 

All the EVE Alliance Tournament XI Viewing Resources You Need (Popcorn and Beer Not Included)


(Match 2 of 3)

The R0nin (0) vs. Exodus (1) 


(Match 2 of 3)

HYDRA RELOADED (1) vs Pandemic Legion (0)


(Match 3 of 3)

The R0nin (1) vs. Exodus (1) 



(Match 3 of 3)

HYDRA RELOADED (1) vs Pandemic Legion (1)



DarkSide. vs. Verge of Chaos


Agony Empire vs. Ministry of Inappropriate Footwork


DarkSide. vs THE R0NIN


Agony Empire vs. Pandemic Legion

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