5 Video Games That Would Make Awesome Tabletop Games


This is the original video game, involving cyborg agents, in the pursuit of completing goals, such as assassinating other characters, rescuing people or using persuasion for others to join a specific syndicate.  The large corporations have taken over and have manipulated people, taken over by corruption and crime syndicates. Characters walk around cities displayed in a fixed isometric game style. 

This would make a very interesting competitive board game. The board would feature all the cities in the game, with each player controlling a syndicate and with meeples representing each agent.

Players would need to manage the research and development of new weaponry and upgrade their cyborgs, all with limited funds. There would be card upgrades to collect throughout the game, to progress the character. For example, with weapons, players would begin with simple pistols and eventually have the opportunity to collect lasers and a Gauss gun. In addition, helpful items, such as medical kits and person locator scanner would be obtained. Other players should be wary of the player who has picked up the Persuadertron that brainwashes the player’s target into blind obedience. This is for the overall objective of engaging and eliminating rival syndicates. 

Players would be given secret card missions to complete in order to establish their overall goal of worldwide dominance, one territory at a time.

Published Dec. 22nd 2016

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