5 Video Games That Would Make Awesome Tabletop Games

Speed Ball

This is the 1988 game that featured a violent futuristic cyberpunk sport that drew on elements of handball and ice hockey and rewarded violent play as well as legitimate goals.

The game is played by two teams on an enclosed court and a goal at each end, with the intention of scoring goals and injuring opposition players. The team with the most points is the winner.

This would make a really fantastic table top miniatures game. This scene has exploded in popularity in recent years and a miniatures game based upon this incredibly popular game would work brilliantly. The game already has a rich history that could be used for in-game lore.

Players assume the role of a team manager who looks after a faction -- such as Violent Desire or Fatal Justice -- with the objective of having the strongest, fastest and overall best team, throughout a season.  

Utilize the best of the team, with attacking players trying to score goals, the other team’s defence preventing the goals being scored and the mid-field having possession of the ball and gaining points in the process. To ensure the team's success, they will need training and new players too. 

Success comes with carefully constructed plays and counter plays with an emphasis on anticipation, positioning and resource management.  Roll dice for a fast resolution hit system, whilst generating in game momentum points to shift in game power and influence tokens to control actions and movement. 

Published Dec. 22nd 2016

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