5 Video Games That Would Make Awesome Tabletop Games


Build and create automated factories to produce items of increasing complexity, within an infinite 2D world, to complete your objective. Use your imagination to design the factory, combine simple elements into ingenious structures and protect it from nefarious creatures. It is available on Steam.

This game would work perfectly as a worker placement and resource gathering board game, where players could build their factories.

In the game, players would receive the most basic of starting resources, such as an electricity source or bricks, before being required to gather further resources to combine items and create factories.

To gain further resources, players would need to send out worker meeples to research technologies and fight enemies. Here's the GameSkinny Factorio starter guide, much of which could be applicable to a tabletop version of the game!

Once the factories are created, they would automatically generate further resources to help make the factory even bigger. Eventually, players would become an industrial powerhouse with huge resources to utilize at their will.

The game would be competitive, as other players would be competing for the same resources as they try to fight for the biggest factory complex of all. You'd need to consider other players and how they operate, whilst ensuring that you are ready to defend yourself and your machine empire against locals who disagree with the progress.

Published Dec. 22nd 2016

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