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What would you like to see in EverQuest Next?

posted by (Contributor) 7 years ago

EverQuest Next will be revealed at SOE Live, which is just around the corner. What feature or design element would you like to see in the game?

  • Ashley Shankle
    Associate Editor
    A nice mixture of classic and modern MMORPG concepts. One of the reasons I like Aion is because it feels more like an older MMO than a new one (not old old Ultima Online, EQ1, etc.).

    I'm sick of bloated themepark MMOs with all fluff and no substance. Give me both! Give me a true RP environment, a flexible and dynamic world! A game that isn't scared to challenge the player!

    Please, SOE, bring EQ back into the spotlight with EQN.

    Oh, and a subscription model without arbitrary cash shop garbage. F2P might be the future, but it's an anti-consumer future that encourages lazy continual support.

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