Payday developers announce John Wick game for virtual reality console

Starbreeze Studios announced it has partnered with Lionsgate to produce a virtual reality first-person shooter based on the action movie John Wick.

Ever wanted to be John Wick? Starbreeze Studios, the company behind the popular Payday games, announced yesterday they would be partnering with Lionsgate to make stepping into the world of the charismatic ex-hitman a virtual reality.

The character's appearance in Payday 2 was well-received enough for Starbreeze to greenlight not only more John Wick content in Payday 2, but also a separate game for the franchise.  The new game will be based on familiar characters and locations from the films (yes, plural because there's a sequel coming out next September), with the primary setting being the "infamous Continental Hotel," according to the announcement.    

The game development itself will be done by the VR studio WEVR and be compatible with most VR platforms.  A full release is currently slated for Spring 2016, but a playable demo will be available for WEVR's own HTC Vibe before then.  The "HTC Vibe World Tour" kicked off July 9 in San Diego, California, to promote the system at various gaming and tech events across North America and Europe, and is where players will have their first chance to enter the world of John Wick and step into the shoes of the angry assassin.  

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Published Aug. 8th 2015

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