TERA Korea Getting New Scythe-Wielding Class

TERA is getting a brand new Elin-only class. Imagine that!

TERA players out there tired of the same old classes may have something to look forward to this year. The game's Korean website has revealed a new class, a 'Flying Scythe-user,' skilled in a unique take on scythe weaponry and dark magic.

TERA forum user Endia posted some translations of the class description, including some of the revealed skills. Among them are several medium-range attacks and several utility survival abilities. Some examples are an enemy location swap, counter, a one-time (likely long cooldown) shield to protect from death, and a dodge.

The Korean website also shows off some new class-exclusive costumes and hairstyles, which you can check out near the bottom of the page here.

The Flying Scythe class will be exclusive to Elins due to lore reasons, and will only be available to players who have at least one character over level 40. Newly created Flying Scythe-users will begin their adventures in Arborea at level 50.

This flashy class looks like a far cry from what is currently available in the game, and those of you pensive to play Elins will have to bite the master race bullet to give it a whirl. Flying Scythe-users will be available in Korea soon and will likely be making its way to TERA players in North America and Europe in the coming months.

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Published Sep. 1st 2017
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