Commodore returns! ...With a smartphone?

Commodore returns from the grave as a smartphone.

As the world-record holder for best-selling single personal computer model of all time, the Commodore 64 was synonymous with gaming back in the mid-1980's. And now Commodore is set to return with the new Commodore PET smartphone, which will launch in Italy, Germany, France, and Poland later this week.

The phone will ship with a custom version of Android 5.0 and will cost roughly $300 for a 16GB version or $365 for a 32GB version.

The phone has decent overall specs, including a 5-inch 1920×1080 pixel resolution Gorilla Glass 3 display, a 13 megapixel camera, and a 1.7 Ghz Mediatek 64 bit processor. But the major selling point of the PET is that it will play both Commodore 64 and Amiga games, like Archon, with its custom emulator software.

While the Phone will launch only launch in a few parts of mainland Europe this week, there are plans to release the phone in North America and the UK later this year.


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Published Jul. 15th 2015

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