Gift Guide: Dresses & Accessories for the Gamer Girl in Your Life

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by Lydia M

Never know what to get the gamer girl in your life? Is she just too tough to buy for sometimes? Well you really can't go wrong with catering to the heart of her inner gamer fandom! Whether she's still on the Pokemon GO train, trying to fight Gannondorf in The Legend of Zelda, or kicking your butt in Super Smash Bros, she'll love gifts that pulls at her gamer heart strings!

From dresses to jewelry and accessories, we found these unique gifts that will be perfect for any gamer lady!

Galaxy Poke Ball Leggings

It's safe to say just about any girl (gamer or not) will agree that leggings are a comfy gift from above. These adorably designed Poké Ball leggings are great for when you're around town Pokemon Go'ing, or even just sitting on the couch at home, rocking Sun and Moon

'Gamer' Mini Skirt

It's a simple statement really. This cute miniskirt says it plain and simple for the world to see. There's no question about the gamer girl's intention when she wears this about the town!

Pacman Skater Dress
  • Price: $11.27 + shipping
  • Buy It: Amazon

This cute and unique Pacman dress is great for any occasion. With a decent price you can pick up multiple pairs for your friends and relatives! It's a perfect gift for the retro-loving lady. 

Zelda Leggings
  • Price: $11.99
  • Buy It: Amazon

Know a gamer girl? There's a good chance she LOVES Zelda. These leggings are a perfect gift, as the artwork on it looks to be based off of Skyward Sword

Super Mario Bros Dress
  • Price: $36.58
  • Buy It: Amazon

Super Mario is such a classic that most any gamer girl has picked up at least one of the games and played through it in her lifetime. This is an adorable dress that will show off her love for the game, while staying fashionable and comfortable. 

'I Beat Boys' Tote Bag

Even in 2016, the 'gamer girl' stigma is unfortunately still pretty real. This clever tote puts the word out there that gamer girls are just as hardcore as gamer 'boys' -- and some can even beat their high score!

Orange Controller Scarf

This clever controller scarf is a great way to subtly display your gamer love for the world, all while staying warm. Being a large sized scarf, you can customize the tie of it however you want as well! 

Zelda Necklace

Jewelry is always so difficult to get for girls -- especially when looking for something specific for a gamer girl! Luckily for you, Zelda is a great game series to seek out when it comes to game jewelry! This large tri-force necklace is a great accessory to show where your TRUE alliance lies. 

Console Controller Earrings
  • Price: $13.99
  • Buy It: Amazon

These cute console earrings are the perfect combination of fandom and fashion. With your favorite console controller in the middle (can choose from various consoles) surrounded by gems, your gamer girl can display her console love proudly.

What do you think of these adorable gifts? Get any good ideas? Are there other awesome products out there that you'd like to suggest? What would you pick for your favorite gamer girl? Let us know in the comments below!

Published Nov. 18th 2016



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