12 Best Adult Board Games of 2017

Bears Vs. Babies

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Number of Players: 2 - 5

We all know that Cards Against Humanity set the gold standard for card games to keep adults interested while drinking around the gaming table, but it also gets old fairly quickly as the same card combos keep coming up.

That's where a host of other amusingly offensive card/board mashup games come in, offering a different take on the NSFW style with games like Joking Hazard or Exploding Kittens. From the fine folks at The Oatmeal behind Exploding Kittens now comes an even more baffling mashup: Bears Vs. Babies!

The goal here is to build horrifying monstrosities that can take on an army of evil killer babies, so basically, a good time will be had by all. Don't forget to pick up the NSFW expansion pack to add in all the jibbly bits and various other offensive cards that will make grandma blush.

Published Nov. 21st 2017

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