9 Video Game Documentaries That Will Make You Laugh, Cry, and Say "WTF?"

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I'm one of those people who spends their Friday nights scouring Netflix and Hulu with my wife for the most bizarre and interesting documentaries available. You know the ones I'm talking about -- where you sit there with your jaw hanging open, wondering, "How on Earth is this reality?"

From the vampire who ran for governor of Minnesota in Impaler to the time a Christian dating site led to murder and exposed utterly insane abuse and fraud in Mommy Dead and Dearest to the European man who convinced a family he was a missing 13-year-old boy in The Imposter to the jaw-dropping insanity of the Steven Fishman depositions, there's a whole lot of stranger-than-fiction docs out there ready and waiting to be viewed.

For gamers, the pickings tend to be more slim, however. The documentaries available are usually either low-budget or cover subjects that will only appeal to a small subset of players.

A few films solidly break out of that trend and are well worth watching, absolutely guaranteed to make you laugh, cry, or scratch your head and question just what in the heck is wrong with our species. In particular, these video game documentaries are all worth your time:

Because movies rotate in and out of services like Netflix so often, in the upcoming slides we list where you can rent these movies, or in some cases, watch them for free on YouTube.

Published Apr. 30th 2018

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