The 6 Most Annoying Champions In League Of Legends

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League of Legends has an ever-expanding roster of champions which is currently sitting at 123 different characters to choose from. With that much variety, there are sure to be a few that make your blood boil whenever you see them on Summoner's Rift.

From Fizz's playfully infuriating antics to Azir's absurdly long range, there are a few champions in League that tilt me as soon as I see someone lock them in during champ select. 

Here are a few of the champions that I think are the most annoying in League of Legends.

1. Fizz

Oh Fizz, you're so fun to play, but every time I go up against you I want Riot to delete you and fire whoever decided it was a good idea to put you into League.

Fizz's absurdly high damage output and invulnerable gap closer make for some frustrating encounters. His E ability, Playful/Trickster, is one of the most reliable get out of jail free cards in League of Legends. It goes over walls, it dodges everything in the game, and it'll mess you up if you decide to sit under where he ends up descending. 

Fizz also has the ability to build tanky and still dish out insane amounts of damage with just a few items. While there are a lot of ways to get around Riot's favorite little fish man, he still a pain to deal with throughout the whole game. 

2. Le-Blanc

Le-Blanc is the bane of many mid laners. While she isn't the most simple champion in League to play, once Le-Blanc has been sufficiently mastered, her high burst damage and insane mobility from her W ability Distortion can cause a lot of problems for champions that don't have a reliable way to escape her. Distortion also gives her a free escape if the player overcommits to something. If she's ever in trouble, Le-Blanc can just teleport back to her Distortion's origin point and go back to planning her next target's obliteration. 

The main problem I have with Le-Blanc is that she pretty much turns into the anti-fun nuke as soon as she gets a little ahead. Le-Blanc can move so far in such a small amount of time, and do such an absurd amount of damage, that you pretty much have to stay under your turret if you want to keep her from killing you over and over. And sometimes that isn't even enough.

4. Garen

Garen isn't particularly overpowered or difficult to predict. He's one of the most simple champions in League of Legends, and you'll usually see him in almost every game at lower levels because he's so cheap and easy to play.

The most annoying thing about getting beaten by a Garen is that you got beaten by Garen. His ultimate Demacian Justice does absurd amounts of damage and all it requires is for the player to be able to click on their target. His silence, spin move, and general tankiness make Garen annoying when he gets ahead, and once he does there isn't really much of a way to come back against him by yourself.

4. Azir

Azir first came out almost 2 years ago riddled with bugs. Nobody seemed to really understand what he was supposed to do, and for a small amount of time he was branded a useless champion, with other mid-laners filling his supposed role more efficiently.

Then after a month or so people figured out how to use him properly, his bugs got fixed, and Azir has been one of the most viable picks in League of Legends ever since. Even after multiple nerfs, Azir keeps showing up again to tell us about how much he loves Shurima.

Azir's insane range and mobility that he gets from his "Shurima Shuffle" combo is supplemented by the insane amounts of damage that he puts out when he gets a few items. It would be one thing if he just did a bunch of damage to one person, but Azir's damage can hit multiple people depending on how close they are to his soldiers.

5. Vayne

Vayne is one of those champions that takes a huge amount of time to master. She puts out a bunch of damage once she gets going, and has a lot of outplay potential if used properly. The problem is most people don't use her properly.

Vayne is annoying because it seems like every time you have one on your team, they think they can 1v5 by themselves and run face first into the enemy team over and over. When the enemy team has a Vayne player, they're a sophisticated Vayne computer sent from the future with one simple goal, make you lose as hard as possible and style on you while they do it.

People are drawn to Vayne because she is hard to play, and she looks pretty badass when you can play her how she is meant to be played, but the amount of people who think that they're 3leet4you, and auto lock her without even looking at what the enemy team has picked is too damn high. 

6. Teemo

Teemo, or Satan as he is lovingly referred to by the League community, has been the most hated champion in League of Legends since the games inception. 

Teemo is not necessarily a good champion. In fact, he's probably one of the most useless characters in League of Legends, but that doesn't stop him from being annoying as hell.

Teemo's calling cards are his invisible mushroom traps that he can lay out in huge numbers. When you step on one of these traps, you take a decent amount of damage and are slowed for a small period of time. Because Teemo can become invisible himself by standing still, if you step on a trap there is a pretty good chance he'll pop out of nowhere, shoot you with his blowpipe, and scurry off laughing.

Teemo is rage inducing because he's meant to be a troll character, and he does his job very well. If you ever want to make your opponents chase you to the ends of the earth trying to kill you, play Teemo. I can tell you from personal experience that it doesn't matter if I lose the game hunting a Teemo down, as long as I kill him it was worth it.

Published Jul. 2nd 2016


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