Top eSports rookies to look out for in 2016

Joshua "Dardoch" Hartnett

League of Legends

Signed on by Team Liquid just before the NA LCS Spring Split, Dardoch has been getting attention for his stellar jungle play and confident attitude. He replaced "IWDominate," and is showing the professionals that he has what it takes to compete in the LCS.

Prior to Team Liquid, Dardoch played on several teams in the Challenger Series, including Storm, Magnetic, and Team Liquid Academy. TLA was actually considered one of the best teams in Challenger because of Dardoch's performance, and the team suffered when he left.

Dardoch's Rek'sai pentakill vs Team Frostbite was one of his finest moments.

Aside from his obvious skill, Dardoch is incredibly confident and ready to take on the best. In an interview with LoL eSports, Dardoch mentions he wants to play against C9 after the team told told Summoning Insight that Dardoch wasn't world class.

Yeah, I really want to play against C9. [laughs] I want to smash them

Currently, Team Liquid is 7W-7L in the NA LCS, but maybe Dardoch can help carry the team against CLG on March 12th.

Until then, fans can follow Dardoch on Twitter to see what he is up to.

Published Mar. 10th 2016

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