Top eSports rookies to look out for in 2016

Galen "Moon" Holgate

League of Legends

Rising up from the Challenger Series, Moon is the newest Jungler for NRG Esports. He played for Team Imagine last year and did considerably well. Although Imagine lost their promotion into the NA LCS, Moon's performance was so good that NRG manager, Gerard Kelly, singed him on as the team's primary Jungler.

The decision seems to be working out as NRG is tied for 5th with Team Liquid in the NA LCS.

While Moon's stats aren't the best, he has proven that he can go against top-tier junglers like Rush without breaking under the pressure. NRG's next match will be the against the Immortals so I am eager to see how he will fair against Reignover, who is considered one of the best Junglers in NA.

Follow up on NRG's LCS standing at LoL eSport, and make sure to watch NRG vs Immortals March 12th to show some support.


Published Mar. 10th 2016

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