2014 Call of Duty Championship Pot Awards $1 Million

The 2014 Call of Duty Championship will be held March 28-30 in Los Angeles, according to Activision. Teams will compete for the title and $1 million in prizes.

The second annual Call of Duty Championship will be held this March, beginning on January 28th, and finishing up on the 30th in Los Angeles, California. Publisher Activision confirmed the eSports event today.

The Championship will see 32 of the world's best Call of Duty: Ghosts teams competing for the title and $1 million in prizes. Publishing CEO Eric Hirshberg said:

Call of Duty is more than a video game. It's a pastime shared by millions. It's exciting to play and fun to watch, and we can't wait to see what this year's event has in store.

This year's competition is sponsored by Microsoft and will be the first official Call of Duty competitive event played on the new Xbox One consoles. Matches will be streamed in real-time on Xbox Live and through MLG's TV service. No one will have to miss the action this year.

Call of Duty squads from North America, South America, Europe, Africa, Asia, and Australia will battle head-to-head for the championship crown. Qualifying events will be handled via online tournaments played on the Xbox 360, while regional finals will be played on the Xbox One and broadcast live.

All Call of Duty players, whether professional or not, can sign up for the event. More details about the event can be viewed at the MLG website.

Last year, eSports team Fairko defeated EnVyUS in the 2013 Call of Duty Championship, taking home the crown.

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Published Jan. 9th 2014

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