Brave Frontier Tricks, Tips and Cheats

Looking to enhance the fun and enjoyment of playing your favorite video game? Use these Brave Frontier tricks, tips and cheats to have more fun and save Great Gaia.

Below you’ll find the information you need to improve game play and make the most of your time in Brave Frontier.  

Keep reserve team members on hand
  • Brave Frontier allows players to have up to five team members, but keep reserve team members around. This allows players to mix and match team members, depending on the battle ahead.

  • Tailor team members to the needs of the battle ahead. You can create teams to fight against specific monster types, depending on the dungeon.

  • Create teams of water heroes to head into the Caves of Flames and do the same for every dungeon.

  • The Vortex Gate dungeons are more difficult to complete than the other dungeons in Brave Frontier, but players can still use this strategy successfully. Just make sure to use the most powerful team.

Save Brave Burst attacks for tougher opponents
  • Brave Burst attacks are best to use against bosses, so save them if a battle with the boss is just around the corner.
Earn gems and other useful items
  • Find you're running out of Zel? Make sure you're using the right tricks to get more Zel on your playthrough.
  • Players earn gems and other items for logging into Brave Frontier via Facebook and defeating sets of dungeons.

  • Keep gems to use to summon rare team members.

  • Save fusions to improve tougher team members.

  • Keep a stash of items on hand. This allows players to quickly heal from poison.

  • Keep adding Karma to Synthesis area. This allows players to continue to create more powerful items.

Collect two-star units or better
  • Collect two-star units or better by defeating the Vortex Gate dungeons and the honor point summons.

  • Players will earn Metal Gods and other fusion units, but don’t use these units all at one time. Just use one or two for each team member you need to level up. This prevents players from using more than is necessary.

  • Keep fuse-only units of a specific type to use during evolution. These units are necessary for evolution to occur. Players also need to make sure enough Zel is available to evolve and the character evolving is at max level.

Tough missions and dungeons need a healer
  • Players should add a healer to the team during tough dungeons or missions. They should also create cures in case of emergencies.
Players run out of Zel quickly
  • If you run out of Zel, head to town, go to your items page and sell every item you don’t require.

  • Sell crafting items you don’t need to earn more Zel.

Brave Frontier arena cheats, tricks and tips
  • If you don’t want to fight the player selected when you head into arena battles. Once you click the Enter button to begin, you can click the Back Button, and then hit Enter again. The game will select a different player for you to fight and you won’t use all the Arena Orbs.
  • Pick on lower level players during arena battles for quickly and easily victories.

  • Battle against tougher opponents to earn greater rewards.

Using the Brave Frontier tricks, tips and cheats provided here, players can enjoy playing the game more and save Great Gaia.


Published Feb. 20th 2014
  • phatony
    Gems and gold*** major typos lol
  • this guy who try the hack
    this shit dont work for shit man
  • Jason_5510
    I'm using this
  • mikes_4129
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  • calre
    add me for a strong friend to help in those crucial battles id: 4929548693
  • dr.mario_4885
    i looked everywhere to find a hack, but they always ask to complete a stupid survey
  • dr.mario_4885
    and when i complete it, it doesnt work...
  • zero _9097
    I really am the master of this game and my cheat is flawless
  • zero _9097
    If you are about to die in arena just restart your phone before it says you lose and you won't receive a loss or lose points but you will lose a arena orb
  • Game Oracle
    Please be careful, if you use this cheat. I have had reports of problems and it doesn't always work.
  • tigre ronaldo
    dose it work bc they allways ask for a stuped survey and I hete doing them and then they don't work
  • Qayj1697
    Are u even sure that this going to work Ibeen on so many websites that said its going to work

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