Together We Ride: Marth and New Characters Shion and Lian join Fire Emblem Warriors

Famitsu drops a bundle of new tidbits about Fire Emblem's first outing for the Switch

We finally have an update on Fire Emblem Warriors, nearly five months after its initial announcement. The new issue of Famitsu magazine reveals not only fan-favorite character Marth, but also two all-new characters -- Shion and Lian, a pair of sword-wielding twins. Check out their designs in the header image above, courtesy of Gematsu

In a similar vein to Fire Emblem Heroes' original siblings Alfonse and Sharena, these two newcomers appear to be the main protagonists of the game's story -- with characters from mainline franchise entries taking on more of a secondary role. Two other characters named Darios and Yuana are mentioned, but no images of them have surfaced yet.

This isn't the first time we've seen original characters join a Nintendo musou, as Hyrule Warriors featured original characters like Lana and Volga amongst its cast of familiar Zelda faces. 

The magazine also revealed Marth, the Lord of the first game in the franchise, Fire Emblem: Shadow Dragon. While his inclusion is no surprise to fans of the series, it's still nice to see Marth make his debut on Nintendo's new console.

Alongside the three character reveals, a slew of new details about the game were also shared in Famitsu. Among these details was the mention that the majority of playable characters will be from just three of the series' titles -- Shadow Dragon and the Blade of Light, Awakening, and Fates. There was also confirmation that the number of playable characters will be considerable for a musou title. And among the game's roster are magic users, archers, and horseback units.

Many of the original series' main mechanics will also be intact in Warriors, like the classic weapon triangle and class system. But one feature that won't be present is the marriage system from some of the more recent titles. In its place is a new system called "Bond Conversations", which can apparently happen even between characters from different games in the series.

For now, that's all that Famitsu shared, but we'll keep you posted on any more Fire Emblem Warriors news as it comes up.


Published May. 31st 2017

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