Ash's Hat Pikachu Now Available in Pokemon Sun and Moon

Until September 25, Pokemon Sun and Moon players can redeem a Pikachu wearing Ash's original hat.

Around the time that Pokemon Sun and Moon first game out, it was revealed that at some point after the game's launch, various special Pikachus, all wearing different Ash hats from the anime series, would be released in special events. 

The first of these Pikachu just became available, and it's wearing the hat that Ash wore in the anime from the start of his journey through the Johto League. To get this original hat Pikachu, players will need to enter a special code (Pikachu20) in their Mystery Gift menu by September 25th. Full instructions for redeeming this can be found on the Pokemon Company's website

Before downloading this hatted Pikachu, though, players will want to take note of the disclaimer in the official announcement: 

Although there are six different behatted Pikachu to choose from, you will only be able to get one of them via this special code. The Pikachu you get will vary depending on when you enter this code.

That means you'll only be able to pick up one of the 6 available Pikachus, so decide which one you want before redeeming your code, then wait for the right time to pick that version up. 

The event for Pikachu in the original Ash hat runs from September 19 to September 25. So if this is the version you want, be sure to pick it up before it's too late. 

There are more Pikachu events scheduled. The day after this event ends, a new one will start that features Pikachu in a different hat -- and the Hoenn hat is coming up next. These events will keep repeating in this fashion until all the Pikachu variations have been released. 

Which hatted Pikachu will you be picking up for your collection? Let us know down in the comments! 


Published Sep. 20th 2017

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