5 Great Minecraft 1.9 cave seeds for your inner spelunker

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Well...it's a mineshaft

Seed: 96909624

At first glance, this fun Minecraft cave seed doesn't look much different from the last -- there's a fancy little village nearby, and more than a few landmarks and biomes around to adventure about in. 

But...where's the cave? 

Well, while part of the fun of rummaging about in the earth is uncovering secrets, we did a little digging ourselves and came up with the perfect spot to drop into an abandoned mine shaft. 

To access this winding little maze of mines and minerals, simply stand next to the well in the village, between the two crop fields, and dig straight down. 

In case you want the exact location to...well, a lightless abyss filled with spiderwebs and monsters...we started it for you in the picture above. 

Published Apr. 29th 2016

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