The 15 highest-rated PS4 games

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5. Batman: Arkham Knight - 87%

Batman: Arkham Knight has been met with a lot of criticism since its release, and some of it well deserved. However, the criticism is resounding because expectations were so very high, and because we've already had 3 installments, the core gameplay that makes the series so fantastic is overlooked for Arkham Knight's flaws.

My point is, at its core, Arkham Knight is an amazing game. No one can argue that is a bad game. They may not like it or think it was disappointing, but the game itself is very good. The characters, world, graphics, and gameplay are all phenomenal. The Batmobile controls well and the tank mode similarly is very tight, though it can definitely be argued that it's overused and unbefitting of a Batman game.

Regardless, Arkham Knight is a great game and one of the best on the PS4. It may not have hit the game of the year highs that the previous two did, but it's still a testament to superhero games and world-building.

...any frustrations I have with Arkham Knight don’t take away from the fact that I was unable to stop playing for four days straight, frequently in awe.

       - Hyper Magazine

Published Jul. 24th 2015

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