The 15 highest-rated PS4 games

13. NBA 2K14 - 85%

As good as the core gameplay of the NBA 2K series is, the visual fidelity of the first PS4 version was what made it a must play - for everyone. Even if you aren't a fan of basketball, you should check the game out for the graphics alone.

Another really cool feature of the game, more frequently seen in the WWE series, is MyCareer Mode, which sees you create a player and play a story mode. The mode came equipped with cutscenes and even post-match interviews with real-life personalities. Needless to say, fans had never felt closer to being a real pro-baller.

...beyond impressive graphics NBA 2K14 keeps touching perfection in terms of gameplay, still as precise as ever, with a game experience still more satisfying due to the very well done AI. You still don't know what game to buy for your PS4 or your Xbox One? Think again.

                                                                                - Jeux Actu

Published Jul. 24th 2015

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