The 15 highest-rated PS4 games

12. Battlefield 4 - 85%

As a launch game, Battlefield 4 really showed what the PS4 and Xbox One were capable of. With the series' trademark online play that incorporates a fairly huge landscape, trucks, jeeps, jets, and "levolutions", Battlefield 4 set the bar for insane war games.

I'm sure you've seen them by now, but the levolutions are pretty amazing, from falling buildings to dams bursting. They dynamically change the gameplay and give you something to show your friends! The campaign leaves you wanting and the plethora of bugs/online issues were unacceptable, but for a first next-gen outing, this was impressive.

As the first game to demonstrate the prowess of the Frostbite 3 engine, its explosive debut indicates a promising future for its technology. Gear up and strap in, Battlefield 4 sets the new standard for next-generation multiplayer.

                   - Game Trailers

Published Jul. 24th 2015

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