Dragonball FighterZ Open Beta Network Problems Unresolved, Possible Beta Extension

The Dragonball FighterZ open beta is off to a rocky start, with major network problems that Bandai-Namco is currently investigating.

For many who did not preorder Arc System Works' upcoming Dragon Ball franchise-based fighting game, Dragonball FighterZ, the open beta was met with much excitement. This quickly turned sour, as it was soon revealed that the open beta was a minefield of network problems.

Considering what a big game this is, Bandai-Namco quickly released a statement on Twitter:

"FighterZ, the DRAGON BALL FighterZ Open Beta is experiencing network issues that cannot be addressed quickly. We'll keep the Open Beta online but you might experience problems during gameplay."

The tweet led to a Facebook post in which Bandai-Namco stated that if they're unable to address these network issues in a timely manner, they will "consider extending the Open Beta of Dragon Ball FighterZ."

While many people were looking forward to getting their hands on FighterZ, which features a wide range of characters from the franchise, including newer ones such as Hit, Goku Black and Android 21, a longer wait could mean an optimal network experience is on the horizon for an extended beta.


Published Jan. 15th 2018

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