Skyrim's music covers: Are you ready for an epic quest?

Whenever I listen to Skyrim music I feel like going on an epic quest.

After coordinating an interview with a talented singer named Malukah, I had a really strong urge to listen to some epic Skyrim covers. On top of the ones done by Malukah I stumbled across another done by Lindsey Stirling and Peter Hollens.

I was never a huge fan of Skyrim, I just felt the immersion wasn't there for me. I gave it a good effort but felt the game was pretty boring. However what I did enjoy was the music. Skyrim just has that music that makes you want to go on an epic quest or something.

Malukah’s Skyrim covers have a more peaceful feel to them, whereas the one done by Peter Hollens and Lindsey Sterling is more action-like in feel. I like both takes to the Skyrim music. I feel like they are both depicting different sides to the same world. I know Malukah has her own website where you can view all her Skyrim covers and other work but you can find Peter Hollens and Lyndsey Stirling’s on youtube.


Published Jun. 24th 2013

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