Coming Soon To PlanetSide 2 [UPDATE]

Big changes are coming to PlanetSide 2, including the much awaited addition of Hossin.

PlanetSide 2 is about to get a lot bigger with the upcoming addition of a new continent: Hossin. 

During the SOE Live panel, members of the PlanetSide 2 team unveiled some more specifics on the new continent of Hossin. They said the area was designed to be a swampy region with a lot of overhead cover from the lush foliage. The dense flora of Hossin will also make flying vehicles less effective against infantry and other ground units.

**Talkin' 'bout games."

This is meant to open up the strategy of the gameplay. On the other two continents a skilled airborne pilot can dominate the field for a bit; this will force them to reevaluate their strategy, and maybe even abandon their flying death machines in favor of a land vehicle.

While Hossin is going to be a massive addition to the game world, it’s far from the only thing that will be added to the game in the coming months:

Changes to Outfit Operations

In the coming months, the way Outfits operate are going to change for the better. Outfits will soon be able to recruit new members by advertising through the game’s UI. This will add a much-needed streamline to the growth and functionality of Outfits in the future.

Outfits will also soon be able to get credit for doing the grunt work while capturing a base. As of now, the only thing that happens when a base is captured is a simple color and logo change – but soon if an Outfit is largely responsible for the overtaking of an enemy faction’s base not only will they get an additional XP boost, but the Outfit’s logo will be displayed on the base.


Players will soon be able to create team mission objectives in battle. The public missions seem as though they are used to organize a battlefield against the enemy. Someone can say, “capture this base,” and those involved will receive an XP bonus for participating in the call to action.

The game server will also be able to create missions on the fly. These objectives will be more global, like helping capturing or defend a base. The addition of the global objectives will work to further control the ebb and flow of the of the grandiose MMO style of PlantetSide 2.

Intercontinental War!

With the inclusion of Hossin, PlanetSide 2 will soon allow intercontinental conquest. This is exactly what it sounds like - battles that allow you to jump from continent to continent. The developers said this will open up a new level of strategy and will require Outfits to stay in tight communication to succeed. 

**They jammed about 150 people a room that may fit 75. It was smelly.**

Implants (Not that Kind – Perverts)

Implants are also going to be getting an overhaul. The redesign will streamline the implementation, giving the implants more influence and will make the moment-to-moment gameplay more exciting. The redesign should be hitting the game sometime within the next couple of weeks. 

PlayStation 4 Functionality

I would be ashamed with myself if I didn’t mention the tidbits of news eking out about PlanetSide 2 coming to the PlayStation 4. While we didn’t get to see any footage, they said, “It looks amazing.”

The PS4 version will also allow remote play to the PlayStation Vita. This means if your mom, dad, sister, girlfriend – what have you – wants the TV you can pop on remote play and stream the game directly on to your Vita via the internet.

They said it will also still be completely free-to-play, meaning you won’t need to have a PS+ account to access the entire game. Pretty good deal, huh?

[UPDATE] PlanetSide 2 connoisseur and all around awesome Canadian dude know only as "Chinchy," says PS2 on PlayStation will have the legendary mouse and keyboard funcionality so many players desperately need. He says the information came directly from a developer at the yearly SOE Live Developer Brunch. Rejoice ladies and gentlemen, you no longer need a new PC to play PlanetSide 2

That’s just a little bit of coverage I have coming out of SOE Live this year, so keep it locked to GameSkinny for all of the up to date information from SOE Live.

What new PlanetSide 2 features are you most excited about? Is it the swampy continent of Hossin, or perhaps the new mission system. Sound off in the comments down below and maybe I’ll let you watch me die again, and again, and again in PlanetSide 2.

Published Aug. 3rd 2013

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