Guide: How to get all the challenge flies in Tadpole Treble

A guide on how to obtain all the challenge flies in Tadpole Treble.

Tadpole Treble is a musical adventure game developed by Matthew and Michael Taranto. It released August 11th, 2016 on Wii U and on Steam September 2nd, 2016. In this game, you take on the role of Baton, a tadpole attempting to find her way home. Along the way, there are plenty of collectibles to find, one being challenge flies.

Tadpole Treble has a total of thirteen challenge flies to collect. One for each level of the game plus one for Concerto Mode. Each has a task that must be completed to unlock them at the end of a level. Are you having difficulty finding all the challenge flies? Then look no further, as the answers to finding these hidden insects is just below.

Please note, this guide contains spoilers. I advise playing each of the levels before reading.

Level 1: Tadpole Pond


As you progress through the level, you will come across fellow tadpoles. Some will be on their own while others are in groups. You need to bump into as many of them as possible. Do this, and you will unlock the friendly challenge fly at the end of the level.

Level 2: Trout Tributary

Gold Fly

Throughout this level, you will find gold sparkles along with the regular purple ones. You must collect these to unlock the gold fly. You will find them by looking under objects in the level. An example of this would be the bathtub.

Level 3: Turtle Pipes

Beat Fly

This fly is one of the easier ones to obtain. To obtain it, you must hit every symbol in the level.

Level 4: Chiptune Lagoon

Bamboo Fly

The name of the fly really gives this one away. You simply have to smack every bamboo throughout the level. Do this and the fly is yours.

Level 5: Midnight Bayou

Pesky Fly

You may have to attempt this level a few times with this one. To get the pesky fly, you need to smack all the mosquitos found in the level. You reach them by smacking the symbols. While in mid-air, just as you are about to run into the mosquitos, smack them. Get rid of all of them and you will obtain the fly of this pesky challenge.

Level 6: Barracuda Cavern

Booty Fly

This one is quite tricky if you don't know exactly what you are looking for. To get this fly, you need to smack three objects throughout the level.

  1. The gold doubloon
  2. The "X" on the treasure map
  3. The golden tooth on the skull

Level 7: Snowfall Lake

Famine Fly

Attempting to get the famine fly will keep you on your toes. Throughout the entire level, you must NOT collect any food to obtain the fly. It is also best not to smack any of the symbols on this level. Some will force you to pick up food.

Level 8: Gusty Rapids

Jewel Fly

You need a sharp eye for this challenge. It is one of the faster-paced levels in the game. As you progress through the level, you will find smacking certain symbols will make you jump into green jewels. Collect all the green jewels in the level to unlock the fly.

Level 9: Piranha Jungle

Glass Fly

I would rate this challenge the hardest to complete in the game. To get the glass fly, you must complete the level without taking any damage at all. I recommend using your treble charge in the more difficult spots. This will help you avoid piranhas without having to worry about obstacles.

Level 10: Thunder Creek

Bone Fly

This is definitely one of the harder levels to maneuver around. It has lots of obstacles to avoid, giving you little breathing space. To acquire the bone fly, you must collect all the bubbles inside of the skulls found throughout the level.

Level 11: Saltwater Cape

Salt Fly

Another challenge where you need to keep alert. To get your hands on the salt fly you must stay in the water throughout the entire level. Be sure to collect any food you come across. Staying in the water slowly reduces your health.

Level 12: Sunken Derelict

Allegro Fly

This level is all about speed, timing, and precision and is split into three stages. On the third stage, you must defeat the boss before the music rewinds. To do this, you must smack the blowtorch just as it is entering the water and starts to light up. Repeat until the boss is defeated.

Concerto Mode

Maestro Fly

To obtain the maestro fly, you must complete Concerto Mode from beginning to end without dying. While this may sound like a frightening feat, it isn't that difficult. If you have played each of the levels a few times you should have no problem with this. The only other advice I can give is, do not take unnecessary risks and use treble charge in obstacle-filled areas. You are making a run to get the fly, not points.

Don't forget to visit Etude the Bullfrog once you have found all the flies. He will be most pleased with your hard work. I am sure he will reward you handsomely for bringing these tasty insects to him. Best of luck on your fly catching quest.




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Published Sep. 10th 2016

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