New Pokemon Revealed on September 25

New evolved Pokemon will be announced on Wednesday September 25 on Facebook.

Nintendo has announced on Twitter that they are revealing a new Pokemon for X and Y on Wednesday September 25 via their Facebook page. It will be evolved so we can expect a powerful new friend. Anyone who will buy Pokemon X and Y for their 3DS or 2DS should want to know what Pokemon they will encounter in the new Kalos Region. Many Pokemon have already been released, including the three starters, but this week another will be announced.

In the past Nintendo has had some great Pokemon (who didn't love Pikachu?) and some really bad ones (what even is a Buffafro?), but the difference is subjective. I think a good Pokemon should feel distinct from all the other pocket monsters and also from any real animal while still having logical and recognizable features. I enjoy Pokemon that are super cute and super dangerous. I think Nintendo should announce a Pokemon that is powerful, but also adorable. What do you want to see?

Published Sep. 23rd 2013
  • Caden Moniz
    Featured Correspondent
    I'm excited to see what it looks like.
  • Me_6269
    25th, and still nothing...
  • EmilyOrange
    They didn't give a time. It will be today I'm guessing.
  • SuperGamer_6932
    "Who didn't love Pikachu?"- I hate this thing. Especially in the anime.

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