6 Minecraft 1.10 Mods You Should Download Today

These are a few mods you should download for Minecraft 1.10 immediately. They truly make the game a far better experience.

The most recent iteration of Minecraft has finally been released to the world. While Notch is off enjoying his millions in California, the rest of the world continues to wait, wide-eyed, for every single patch to launch.

1.10, otherwise known as the Frostburn Update, is a phenomenal little update for the building game, featuring polar bears, new mobs, bone blocks, a Nether Magma block, a Nether Wart block, and quite a few bug fixes.

Of course, being Minecraft, you can mod the game for your own personal enjoyment. These six mods can be downloaded today, and should keep you busy for hours on end. (And if you need seeds for Minecraft 1.10we've got you covered there too.)

The Mods!

Hardcore Darkness


Hardcore Darkness basically removes any ability to see in the darkest depths of the caves or during the latest hours of the night. There is no light capable of piercing too far into the shadows, which makes things a tad bit harder for the player.

Real, reactive darkness makes the game ten times scarier. The only thing you can see is black.

Advanced Inventory


All Minecraft players tend to pick up all items dropped by mobs or the resources from the land surrounding their modest shack. Of course, picking up all of these items tends to put a heavy strain on your inventory system, which can be solved with an Advanced Inventory mod for 1.10.

Basically, the mod includes a polished inventory system allowing for more storage space.

Parachute Mod


Falling off the side of a cliff or while mining directly downward tends to end with a dead player character smacking into the ground. We just cannot have that!

When you die in-game, you lose all of your items, which are subsequently dropped on the ground surrounding your deceased corpse

This mod implements a parachute item for the player to make use of during long falls to the ground. The item allows you to descend slowly, and safely, to the ground.

Stellar Sky Mod

Download - API

Stellar Sky has been designed from the ground up specifically for the type of player who enjoys peering towards the starry sky each night. The game already looks pretty good, but sometimes you just want a tad more detail.

This mod implements a far more beautiful night sky, complete with stars, a few galaxies, and some swirls of texture and character.

Basically, this mod is all about immersion - ensuring you delve into the world with everything you have.

EvilCraft Mod


The developers of EvilCraft told a story with their development, ensuring said story melded into the mod itself when it was released. Upon discovering an old book in-game, the player has stumbled upon something dark and sinister.

The mod features dark ore, which will be combined with an apple to form a darkened apple. This food item is then fed to a friendly mob, killing them. Instead of simply disappearing, however, something else happens entirely.

We don't want to spoil the story, but this is one magical addition to the game you won't want to miss out on.

Biomes o' Plenty


Biomes o' Plenty is by no means a new mod to the world of Minecraft. The developers have been updating their popular release for each update of the game since its inception.

It's simple -- the mod includes a bevy of new biomes, all of which are totally unique, new types of flora, unique construction blocks and world blocks, making it one of the biggest overhaul mods for the game to date.

There truly is so much to explore within the game already, but Biomes o' Plenty is just icing on the very large cake.

These are just six mods available for Minecraft 1.10. Sure, there are a few more out there - with plenty more in development or releasing shortly - but these six are truly worthwhile for almost every player. Download them today if you don't believe us!

What are your go-to mods for 1.10?

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Published Jun. 29th 2016

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