10 Game Series That Need a Comeback

Legacy of Kain

The last time we saw Kain & co was in 2003's Legacy of Kain Defiance. The game was a blend of both the Blood Omen and Soul Rever series' with play switching between the ghostly Raziel and his arch nemesis the vampire Kain. Following disappointing sales of Defiance publisher Eidos put the series on hold.

Recently, we've heard that a very different take on the series had been in development by Climax, the British studio responsible for Assassin's Creed Chronicles, but this was cancelled by Square Enix due to concerns over how the game would perform financially.

However, the multiplayer element does live on in multiplayer game Nosgoth. Although set in the same world as LoK, it bears little semblance to the legendary series outside of that. The world of Nosgoth is so rife with lore and atmosphere and in a time that release schedules are overcrowded with zombie titles isn't it about time vampires were given the spotlight?

Published Jun. 13th 2015

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